Return the Slab 🪦

Return the slab is a sad story that keeps getting worse, troubled with conspicuous consumption I bought a bag from an online service, only to receive the wrong bag.
I returned the bag only to have them tell me I returned the wrong bag.. I took my frustration onto this slab, etching my email complaint to the company to produce a monolithic piece declaring my hate to this purchase.

Later the slab beautiful and intact cracked in the kiln holding itself together by 2cm it didn’t snap in half until it was on a flight to Jeddah. All I do now is track inconveniences from commercial invoices, dhl receipts and condition reports

Return the slab is a story of my purchasing habits, luck, speculative archeology

Glazed Stoneware, Receipts, Invoices

Cats 🐈‍⬛ 

Street cats is an on going series of portraitures of street cats I encounter within my daily commute.  

I see street cats as fellow flauners, there is a state of precariousness, seeking of unconditionality and loneliness that evokes every-time I interact with them. The drawing is worked off an image from our encounter and paired with text.

This is also a self portrait, multiple faces, different locations, all seeking the same thing.

Graphite on paper

Lil Brancusi 🗿 

Lil Brancusi is an ode to Brancusi’s “The Kiss”

In this rendition, here the kiss isn't seen without his counterpart, he is alone, in neglect, his stance in patience his hands behind his back and in pain with a single tear from his left eye. We finally get to see the face.

Sometimes he is found facing a white wall, depicting a kiss to the white cube he worships and hopes to be recognized

In many situations, Lil Brancusi speaks about the pursuit of love, the pursuit of validation, loneliness and references.

Unglazed Stoneware